Arterex operates through 5 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities on three continents with over 800 employees. We are a global provider of diversified manufacturing solutions to the medical device, and life-sciences industries.

Our Solutions

Formula Plastics, an Arterex Company

Specialties - Medical Device Manufacturing, Plastic Injection Molding

Location: Tecate, Mexico. Tecate, California, USA

Standards & Quality Certifications: ISO 13485:2016, ISO Class 8 capacity

a. Formula Plastics focuses on fully integrating molded plastic parts and other manufactured or purchased components into a finished and ready-for-use (sterile or non-sterile) medical device. With our ISO 13485:2016 quality systems and our process validation, we can ensure consistent product quality and delivery. Our capabilities include ISO Class 8 assembly and injection molding capacity, plastic joining and decorating technologies, including radio frequency and ultrasonic welding, solvent and UV bonding, and various decorating technologies. b. Part design and development for manufacturability – from prototype to mass production. This includes a full range of secondary operations such as assembly, welding, labeling, packaging, and more. c. When time permits we’ll also add a section for Formula Tooling.

Kabo, an Arterex Company

Specialties - Medical Bags and Medical Device Manufacturing & Research and Development

Location: Traversetolo, Italy. 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt

Standards & Quality Certifications: ISO-9001-2018, ISO-13485-2012, Directive 93/42/ ECC

Kabo operates in the Medical Device sector and specializes in self-produced bags made of different materials and sizes for various needs. Our devices result from significant investments and solid partnerships with suppliers, which is part of our success. Each new project begins with a detailed feasibility study and an accurate assessment of its profitability. Our commitment to partnering with suppliers and continued cost analysis allows us to provide valuable products for our customers.

Luc & Bel, an Arterex Company

Specialties – Custom components for Infusion, Hemodialysis, Cardiac Surgery and Transfusion, Research and Development

Location: Carpi, Italy

Standards & Quality Certifications: ISO 80369-7, ISO 13485:2016, ISO Class 8 (EN ISO 14644-1)

LUC & BEL designs and produces excellent-quality and reliable components for medical devices. Its teams’ experience, combined with the latest production technology, offers a wide range of firstclass engineering solutions. Our products perfectly fulfill all our customer’s requirements, and we are among the world’s top medical suppliers of our products. Luc & Bel uses state-of-the-art production technologies to offer high-quality medical products. These range from individual components to complete devices based on the needs of each customer and to specific sectors such as infusion, hemodialysis, cardiac surgery and transfusion.

ModenPlast, an Arterex Company

Specialties - Medical Bags, Research and Development

Location: Fiorano Modenese, Italy

Standards & Quality Certifications: ISO Class 8 (EN ISO 14644-1), ISO 13485, ISO 9001

ModenPlast offers medical-grade PVC production for extrusion and injection molding. ModenPlast specializes in the extrusion of PVC and PVC DEHP FREE tubing, produced with its compound named “RB” and EVA, TPU, TPE, and PE. Our company can also extrude lay-flat tubing in PVC and EVA to produce medical bags. This spectrum gives both Modenplast and all its customers, the possibility to work in a large application field.

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